Trolling Sunny Leone for ‘bold’ picture with daughter is mindless

Trolling Sunny Leone for ‘bold’ picture with daughter is mindless

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NEW DELHI. Actress Sunny Leone’s husband,
Daniel Webber, who is also her manager, took to
Instagram and shared an intimate picture of the family, where we could see the duo relaxing with their adopted daughter Nisha on the occasion of Father’s Day.

The couple was trolled for posting the “inappropriate” photo in which Leone appears to be topless.

Here’s how the trolls reacted and why they should be slayed:

Troll Attack 1: “Once a porn star, always a porn star”

Sunny 1

Leone has never shied away from acknowledging that she started her career as a porn star. Pornography is a legitimate industry in north America where she worked before moving to India.

When Leone moved to India, she bid goodbye to porn in keeping with the law of the land. Leone has done nothing wrong or hypocritical. She’s always been straight about where she came from.

If these trolls find porn stars so offensive, they should stop looking up their videos. They are the hypocrites for watching porn and then castigating it and her at the same time.

Troll Attack 2: Dirty family as they take off clothes in front of a child



There is nothing wrong with parents posing nude with their toddler. Posing with your kids (clothed or not) doesn’t make one a porn star.

Normalizing nudity for kids is actually very healthy parenting. If trolls are too prudish to get that, it’s their loss. Instead of targeting Leone’s freedom, trolls should reflect on their filthy thought process.

Troll Attack 3: Leone will make her daughter also a porn star

Sunny 2

Comments like “make porn but keep your kid out of it” show that these trolls probably did not have the healthy upbringing that Leone is providing to her daughter, Nisha.

Whether Nisha eventually grows up to become a porn star or not is going to be her personal decision. As a mother, it is likely that Leone will play a supportive role in shaping Nisha’s career, whatever Nisha wants to do.

Troll Attack 4: “Why is only Daniel Webber showing his nipples”

Sunny 4

sunny 4a

This is where trolls reveal their own sordidness. They see they want to see someone nude and in the same breath berate them for posing nude.

Daniel Weber shares wife Sunny Leone’s bold picture with daughter Nisha Kaur, gets trolled


Daniel Weber shares wife Sunny Leone's bold picture with daughter Nisha Kaur, gets trolled